Our approach to health is one which looks at restoring tissue function, biomechanics, movement, strength and stability to the body for it to achieve the most optimal state of health and performance.

This involves having a broad based assessment and holistic approach when examining the body and can comprise a number of different techniques and approaches to achieve these results.

We therefore have adopted a number of different skills to be used during your consultations with us which include chiropractic, massage, nutrition, orthotics, musculoskeletal acupuncture, functional rehabilitation and having fun.

Maximising your health and performance should be an enjoyable one that benefits not only yourself but your love ones and relationships around you.


At Aim 4 Health we believe that good education gets you the best results.

Aside from providing the highest-quality care to our patients, it is also our goal to raise awareness of drug free and surgery free options to achieve optimal health.

We therefore have a number of complimentary health care talks available for yourself, workplace or sporting club or team. These talks can be arranged to be held in your corporate offices or sports training facilities during lunch breaks or after business hours. For business owners, we organise a special wellness day event to reward staff at your company. For athletes, it gives us an opportunity to meet the team and management to discuss ideas on how to succeed better for the season.

Our workshops and health care talks focus on prevention of common musculoskeletal conditions and injuries to help improve your performance in your sport, work place or general

During our talks, we offer complimentary spinal health and postural checks to those who attend as well as offer discounted specials and rates for our services at the clinic in Bondi Junction.

If you’re looking for an informative group of speakers to help you succeed in better health and performance contact us at Aim 4 Health to discuss the right topic for your team.


We believe a wellness based approach to your healthcare is the best way to improve your overall wellbeing and long lasting results at our clinic. We see wellness as a proactive approach to maintain your body in an optimal state of function to prevent illness and reinjury. Our treatment programs are designed to remove dysfunction from your body and lifestyle with a structured program to move your body that is symptom free and into one based on optimal function.

Wellness in our office can be achieved by achieving greatest balance in your physical, mental/emotional and nutritional/chemical states of health. During your appointments, we review these areas to determine where we can help guide you to improve your wellbeing.

When you train for a marathon or get healthy and fit for your wedding day your body reaches a state of higher function. Why not feel those benefits long term.