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Alvaro Mejia

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Alvaro has over 18 years’ experience in Health & Fitness Industry, Graduated Bch. Physiotherapy Spain-2003, Hon. Masters in Sport Injuries (Ms. Sp. Phy.) Spain-2005, he specializes in Biomechanical Traumas & Functional pathologies of Hips and Knees.

Followed with a Post Graduate studies in Structural Osteopathy 2010, Moving to Sydney – Australia in 2012 continuing his studies as Sport & Remedial Massage Diploma in 2014. Medical Acupuncture and Advanced Dry Needling Therapy qualifications in 2015, besides courses such as Active Release Techniques, Neurotherapy and TMJ treatments, Myofascial pain release, along other courses to improve the approach in treating Chronic Pain or mechanicals dysfunctions.

His passion is to combine all his experience and knowledge about the human body and biomechanics to offer a holistic approach where, in addition to physical treatment, emotional problems and structural imbalances that may be directly or indirectly related to the evolution and development of an injury are assessed.

Fitness Background:

Being passionate about Sports for almost 2 decades, now as ex-professional athlete Alvaro takes his Personal Training sessions up to the next level.

He provides a compressive Strength Base Training, with specialisation in weightlifting as a strong foundation for any endurance and non-endurance athlete.

Alvaro held different Certificates and Diplomas in Fitness as Professional strengthening coach, triathlon Ironman coach, Reformer Pilates, and Advanced Yoga Instructor.

On his belt since 2002

·       15 x Olympic Distance Triathlons.

·       8 x Marathons.

·       7 x Half Marathons.

·       4 x Ironman Triathlon.

·       4 x 70.3 Ironman Triathlons (Hawaii qualified).

·       1x 650km Adventure Races World-Series (the toughest endurance races in the world)

·       1x 80km Ultra Trail Run Himalaya Annapurna-Circuit Nepal.

·       2x Ultra Trail Races (80km and 100km)